Refurbished Caravan

  • Raised the Caravan
  • Changed the Coupling
  • Removed and replaced Supports Legs...
  • Fit a New Jockey Wheel
  • Made a New Tool Box with 2x Gas Rings
  • Made a Rear Frame for Spare Wheel, Jerry Cans & Boat Trailer
  • Black Alloy Checker Plate Trim
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Horse Float

Horse Float - refurbished:

  • Repaint inside & out 2pac
  • Sandblast Rusty Areas
  • Replace Whirly Bird
  • Replace Jockey Wheel
  • Fit Rubber on top of Tack Box
  • Fit Rubber on Side Kick Boards
  • Remove Alloy on Guard & Refit
  • Remove & Refit Canvas
  • Remove Stickers & Strips
  • Replace Stickers
  • Replace Bearings
horse float refurbished